About Me

I'm not very good at writing bios for myself, but I'll give it a shot.

My name is Amber and I've been reading avidly since probably around fifth grade, maybe younger. Most of my friends (and a worrisome amount of strangers) have discovered that I can't go anywhere without a book. Not even the bookstore. I have a slight obsession with sniffing the pages, but only because the smell of ink and paper is my favorite. If that scent were bottled, I swear I'd wear it everywhere. That's one of the reasons why I like reading hard copies of books better than eBooks, but I won't start on that or else this biography is going to turn into a rant.

I'm kind of a little bit completely entirely in love with Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter books. I don't how it happened, but I think I just woke up one morning and I was a goner. Just to be clear, if I ever say that I'm in love with a guy from one of the books I review, trust that I don't like him nearly as much as Draco. I feel this is important to add because there may be many mentions of him in my posts.

I think I actually might have been BORN a fangirl. I mean, most people say that they discovered a fandom in their teens... Well, I was that three-year-old girl who watched Peter Pan every single day, three times a day for years. What can I say? When I like something, it's serious. Now, a decade and a handful of years later, I write fan fiction! Check me out at Mrs.AmberMalfoy if you want some Dramione action! Shameless advertising is okay on my blog! When I'm doing it, anyway.

Lastly, just to finish off any presumptions you may still hold about me having a life (a laughable concept), I read almost as much as I breathe. Actually, I might even do the latter less. My books are my most prized possessions (even the bad ones) and I'm really passionate about them, so that's why I made this blog.

-Amber aka The Girl with the Hungry Bookshelf 


  1. I love love love your blog! All of it: The layout and teams and favorite series <3 mhmm we have similar tastes and everything.

  2. I nominated you for a liebster award !
    Here is a link to my post for more information :)


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